Project: Spotify Beach 2022

Location: Cannes, France

• Suite of event safety documentation
• Our online safety induction
• 24 hr on-site H&S Safety Advisors

On Site: Chris Burke and Joe Bettell

We worked closely from the beginning of the project with Andy Peat and his team looking at how we manage the safety for a 24-hour load in and load out on a beach in the South of France. There were challenges, with crane operations being carried out from a highway and over onto the beach in order to supply the equipment to build the event.

The superb logistical and technical organisation from Andy and his team allowed this process to happen seamlessly each night, and during the day, in 35˚C temperatures, the crews worked hard to deliver the event.

Welfare was key to ensuring that all crew were well looked after and had access to everything they need for them to deliver their elements of the project, to specification, on time and safely.

Hopefully, we will be back in 2023!