Location: CCIB, Barcelona, Spain


  • Our online safety induction
  • On-site Event Safety Advisor
  • Event Safety Management and Documentation

We travelled out with the team from Nteractive to support them with Health and Safety for the HPE event at the CCIB in Barcelona.

We provided event documentation such as Event Safety Plan, Crisis Management Plan, full production and event risk assessments.

The event was well organised and well managed by an experienced team.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

• Our online safety induction
• On-site H&S Safety Advisor

We provided support to an excellent Jack Morton production team for Ericsson at this years Mobile World Congress event, held in Fira, Barcelona.

The Jack Morton team brought us in early enough to be on top of the project before getting on to site and with the support of the technical director and production manager we were able to support the whole project and liaise with contractors to help deliver a safe event.

Location: Troubador Theatre, London

• Suite of Production safety documentation
• Our online safety induction
• Production H&S Advisor

• COVID-19 Management Plan and
Risk Assessments
• Pre-production support and consultation

This project was a challenge from the start as we were still very much in the COVID pandemic and had to plan ahead from June for a production to be built and shot in November.

Working closely with Sophie Huda and Natalie Truelove from Penny Lane TV we created a detailed plan of how to manage the risk of COVID-19 to crew, staff and performers, and keep them protected through information on how to keep safe along with safe working practices and regular rapid testing, helped keep the production filming and no one came down with COVID-19 during our time on set.

In addition to COVID-19, we also managed the normal production health and safety from build and break and during filming.

So many people put a lot of hard wor into this production from the top down and it helped keep us all in safe working space.

Title: SnowSec Ltd.

  • Health and Safety Setup
  • Documentation Setup
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Lone Working Policy
  • Cold Weather Working Protocols
  • Risk Assessments
  • Staff Training and Competency Requirements

SnowSec is a UK security company that works with clients in both the UK and Europe. One of their primary services is providing welfare, support and security for ski resorts over the winter months while working closely with tour reps of student groups holidaying for the week.

We put together a safety pack containing a health and safety policy, lone working policy and cold weather working protocols, along with supporting risk assessments to help manage the risk involved with their range of services offered.

Two of the essential health and safety areas to address were developing a lone worker policy and creating a set of protocols to manage this risk.

Do It Safely was able to help identify areas where lone working was not suitable. We also looked at ensuring that their staff and contractors were not exposed to unnecessary risks while checking that the company was compliant in its obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

A training needs analysis was also conducted for the various roles required. SnowSec was then able to provide suitable training and source contractors with the relevant skills to enable them to provide an even better service to their clients.

Title: Central Catering Services

  • Health and Safety Review
  • Update Policy Documents
  • Update of Risk Assessments
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Bi-annual workplace inspections
  • Forking at Height Risk Assessments
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment

We worked with Central Catering over several years to help them develop and improve their safety management systems. Central Catering provides food concessions and temporary bar facilities for some of the UK’s largest festival and event sites.

Do It Safely reviewed their current safety management system which was fairly robust. We identified some areas for improvement, such as more detailed risk assessments that were evaluated with the help of staff. These included working at height and manual handling. We were also able to help with contractor procurement in reviewing third party contractors used for various services. We assisted in collating health and safety documentation/reviewing to ensure that their contractors were also doing everything they should be to manage and reduce the risks to their workers and the public, in addition to complying with health and safety legislation.

We supported them in implementing sign-off procedures for temporary structures such as marquees and produced management plans for maintaining these structures on event sites across the UK, including wind management plans. This was helpful to event organisers and added another layer of safety that allowed them to be confident that they were working with a professional safety organisation.

A1 Mobile

• Health and Safety Review
• Update Policy Documents
• Update of Risk Assessments
• COSHH Assessments
• Annual Workplace Audit

A1 Mobile Ltd. provides high-quality sanitation facilities to the event and construction industries.

The work they carry out regularly involves manual handling, using plant machinery, using and working around vehicles, as well as dealing with chemicals and hazardous waste.

Do It Safely was initially asked to review their current health and safety documents such as policies and risk assessments. We did this, but also updated their policy and worked with them and their staff to update and expand on their risk assessments. This included COSHH assessments on the chemicals and hazardous waste that the team are required to deal with.

One of the benefits of involving A1 Mobile’s staff in the health and safety process was that they became more engaged and were more aware of the risks involved. They also had a better understanding of why particular health and safety measures are put in place to protect them.

As a result, there was a positive increase in the overall safety culture of the company.

This is a fantastic example of why it is essential to involve your staff in the risk assessment process. They are often the ones who are most involved in the physical side of a business, and so they must have an input in the way they work.

Location: The Copper Box Arena, London

• Suite of event safety documentation
• Our online safety induction
• On-site build and break H&S Advisors
• Event Safety Management

X019 is an event that is held annually, and in 2019 it was held in The Copper Box arena in London for the first time in the UK.

Rock Safely provided pre-event and on-site safety services and was involved in the planning, build, delivery and de-rig for this event.

The event consisted of several small stages and a main stage in the arena for various live presentations that were broadcast. In addition, there were over 70 demo games consoles installed for attendees to get hands-on with new games reales.

The event was held over three days with 2800 gamers attending each day.

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